A Warm Hug – The truth behind our most often ignored hidden desire

After a lifetime of pretending to be strong and in control, what if you were to one day deliberately decide to allow all your vulnerabilities to rise to the surface without restraint?

What would transpire if you were to embrace your raw emotions with compassion as they released in waves?  What if, at that moment, and for perhaps for the first time in your adult life, you accommodated the thought of wholeheartedly accepting an unconditional warming hug? A wordless hug that embraces you for who you are; flaws and imperfections included.

What if you finally accept that liberating hug and allow the cherished tears to flow in full, unadulterated streams.

Could you ever dare yourself to experience and wholeheartedly accept the warmth and tenderness of a sincere, loving hug?   

Perhaps you perceive accepting a hug to represent an act of pure weakness. But what if this hug really represented a rewarding moment of genuine emotional liberation that is only made possible by unreservedly accepting the unconditional support of another human being. A hug that allows you to enjoy a moment in which you fearlessly face your most profound almighty self and allow yourself to experience the unsurpassed glory of loving yourself completely

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